The 4ourth Floor


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How do you begin a career to ensure that it is driven by passion and purpose? And if you’re already down a certain career path and could start all over again, would you? In both cases, how do you distinguish yourself from other employees and rise to the top?

How can you actively participate in shaping your career based on your personal goals, instead of blindly following the path set before you?

As a management consultant who has worked in several senior managerial positions in numerous major companies within various industries, author Maryam Ibrahim Al Mansoori has collected various pearls of wisdom that can enlighten anyone looking to evaluate their own career choices. Her impressive CV more than qualifies her as an inspiring mentor to anyone at the onset or at a crossroads in their career.

The 4ourth Floor is a must-read book that offers expert career counsel based on years of experience that can help you critically consider your own career and how the choices that you are making today are defining your future.

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