Symbols and Signs I Find Around Us… I Know Them!


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This book aims to simplify the ideas and theories that affect the lives of youth, presenting them in an interesting way that suits their abilities and develops them. The book is based on simplifying basic ideas in the Science of Signs (Semiotics), which is a science that deals with the study of symbols, signs and signals, their meanings, and ways of interpreting them. Hence, it aims to help youth in developing their awareness of the surroundings in which they live, enhancing their attention towards the details they are accustomed to seeing, as well as stimulating their senses to read what is around them (paintings, signs, symbols, slogans, pictures, and advertisements). Teaching youth signs and their meanings to stimulate their awareness towards the correct interpretation to each sign, is a way to protect them as misinterpretations may harm themselves and others.

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Symbols and Signs I Find Around Us Book Cover