Strangers of a Single Nature


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A true story with real characters and events that took place in the American state of Ohio. It revolves around an Arabian Gulf family’s experience of September 11, 2001 and the accompanying repercussions following the bombing of the World Trade Center towers in New York. It is a shocking experience that puts Noura and her family in a new situation, revealing to her the “strange” other, their stances and prejudices towards Arabs and Muslims, leading her to reconsider her perceptions and perspectives. It is a harsh and difficult period, the consequences of which led to unmasking the human conflict between the “Ego” and “the other.” Taking an opportunity to propose and discuss new ideas, this book questions the reference for decision-making and position-building to understand the self before anything else.

The writer believes that life is a set of opportunities and experiences, and if a person makes good use of them in order improve themselves, then they will return to their pure nature… to their humanity. It may be difficult to abandon the prejudices accumulated through education, upbringing, and personal experiences that we cling to, but it is not impossible.

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