Less Sugar, More Fun


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Sugar has become the number one enemy of good health. Since it is so addictive, we find it everywhere from the small sugar cube in our coffee to deli meats and ready-made meals. We’re all aware that we’re consuming too much…Would you like to know the good news? By applying some small, gradual changes we can reduce the amount of food we consume without sacrificing pleasure!

“Who advised us to stop consuming sugar? When we learn about its harm and everywhere it is found, we can reduce sugar consumption, change our habits, and avoid it easily.”

In this book, you will find:
• The keys to recognizing the impacts of sugar on our bodies, distinguishing between good sugar and bad sugar, and become familiar with the glycemic index.
• Tips to help prevent you from falling into the trap of sugar, explore hidden sugar sources, and improve the way you shop and read label products.
• Habits to help you break the sugar addiction, sugar substitutes, and how to avoid cravings.
• A 7-day program that includes healthy recipes and tips for you, whether you love sugar or a victim of hidden sugars, or even enjoy salty snacks.
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