In Hatred of Borders


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Borders have various forms. Some begin with the crude, physical form of barbed wire, and end with the very limits of a soul. The deadliest frontiers are the prisons we carry inside us where ever we go, the cages that hold our buried grudges that wait patiently for the right time to build more walls and spawn more grudges.

Originally, borders were a way to determine how to serve justice and to preserve freedoms, but now instead they serve to build the pride and greed of insatiable tyrants at the expense of the dignity of their brothers from the rest of humanity within the borders they have built up.

In a world of masters and followers separated by borders both real and imagined, can our protagonist find peace within his hatred of borders or will he declare a relentless war against them?

Mohsen Al-Wukili, born in 1978 in the Moroccan city of Taza, is an award-winning author who has collections of short stories and many fictional works.

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In Hatred of Borders Book Cover