I Will Finally Sleep Well!


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One in three French people suffer from sleep disturbances, making it a national concern. Undoubtedly, receiving too little sleep at night negatively impacts our mood and health. Would you like to know the good news?
Regardless of the disturbances you suffer from, whether it be insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night, or waking up too early, it is possible to restore proper sleep with the application of good habits and without any drug usage.

“Proper sleep boosts the immune system, increases energy, improves the psyche, regulates appetite, and much more. In order to regain sound sleep, there are some simple habits and good routines one can apply.

In this book, you will find:
• The keys to understanding the mechanisms and phases of sleep, the role of the brain and neurotransmitters, and all the virtues of proper sleep and its effects on our bodies.
• Rituals of waking up and going to bed to ensure a restful night: organizing the bedroom, writing down a sleep schedule, and making time for exercise.
• Tips for a healthy diet, tailored to each meal: breakfast foods that help you wake up, and snacks in the evening that can help you sleep.
• Anti-stress tips and natural remedies for relaxation: exercises, acupressure, and plants that support restful sleep.
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