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We are all exposed to stress, whether at work or at home. Stress has become the most common modern disease! Although stress is a natural response which protects us and motivates us to progress, it can also sap our energy, break down our psyche, and make our immune system weak. The good news? We can learn how to manage our stress throughout the day to regain our health and peace, and look on the positive side of life!

“It's so hard to avoid stress! But we can control it: while there is no magic bullet, there are many tools we can use to prevent ourse;ves from spoiling our lives…and our health!”

Michelle Sim

In this book, you will find:

• Keys to understanding the physiological mechanisms of stress, the difference between acute and chronic stress, and the extent of its effect on our health.
• Healthy routines for every part of the day: from anti-stress nutrition to physical activity, to relaxation rituals, to everyday pleasures.
• Movements to help relax the body and breath when stress is elevated: for example, breathing exercises and sophrology as well as other natural aids.
• Tips to relax and take a few steps back with a large dose of positive thinking to help readjust the self and clearly assess the given situation.
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