Boosting My Immunity


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Some people get through the year without ever catching a cold, while others suffer from “all diseases around us.” What is the reason? The weakness of our natural defenses against microbes. Would you like to know the good news? The level of our protection against diseases, especially winter viruses, can be improved when we take care of our health and keep our immune systems in the best condition.

“Immunity is our deterrent against microbes! Better eating habits, better sleep, and more movement: this is how we keep our immune system in the best shape.”

In this book, you will find:
• Keys to understanding the mechanisms of our immune system, the roles of natural and acquired immunity, microbiodata, white blood cells – the warriors of our immune system – and their enemies (viruses, bacteria).
• Self-care and wellness tips: hot drinks in the winter, homemade products (gels, wet wipes, sprays)
• A daily program for two weeks to help you maintain your health: nutritional advice, physical exercise, and tips to relax and sleep well.
• Protective measures: for people in vulnerable states or in proximity to medical patients, and simple but effective techniques to fight microbes!
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