A Fairer World is Possible (Hardback)


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It is neither moral nor fair that only five nations should decide on issues that affect the fate of the whole world. The world is larger than five countries.

A United Nations that reflects cultural pluralism and multipolarity is needed to ensure a just and more sustainable global peace. The world is not unipolar, bipolar, under a hegemonic culture, or under the cultural domination of a few privileged representatives of nations. It is thus possible to create a multipolar, multicentric, multicultural, more inclusive and just world, and the first address for such a world is the United Nations. The path to peace, stability, justice, and effective global governance lies through reform of the United Nations. The reform of the United Nations, in particular the restructuring of the Security Council, will certainly be achieved with the consensus of all countries of the world.

The country of Turkey has been expressing their proposal for this framework for a long time for review by all countries. As for their proposal for a solution, it is based on a perspective represented in the phrase “the world is greater than five” and is based mainly on changing the structure of the United Nations Security Council and restructuring it as well. Restructuring the Council in a way that represents continents, beliefs, origins, and cultures in a more equitable manner will be a revolutionary step towards justice and global peace.

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