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What will our life look like with the rapid advancement and development of artificial intelligence? How will AI driven workforces impact the labor market? Can artificial intelligence systems monitor our health and keep our vital elements under control? And the most important and terrifying question of all, will robots become conscious and aware, resulting in the ability to take control of the world?

If the answers to these questions interest you, then you need to read this book. Delve into the fourth industrial revolution of artificial intelligence technology to explore its beginnings, importance, branches and the most significant areas of its application, such as in the medical, industrial, economic, and military fields. This book explains how the human brain works and points out the similarities it shares with the ever-evolving computer. Specialists and leading experts share their concerns and the risks of artificial intelligence and discuss their opinions.

With the futuristic arena of artificial intelligence rapidly becoming our present day, learn how AI can be taken advantage of in every facet of our daily lives.

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