Qatar and the Arabian Gulf Countries in the Indian Archives


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We are pleased to present the second volume of the project “Qatar and the Arabian Gulf States in the Docu-ments of the Indian Archives, Selec-tions from the Indian National Ar-chives in Delhi.” This book includes the translation of documents related to Qatar and the Arab Gulf States and their relationship with various inter-national powers, as well as regional and local ones in the period (1872- 1875), as monitored by the reports of the British Government and the Government of British India. These documents include corre-spondence and telegrams exchanged between residents and agents, cap-tains of ships of the Indian Navy, and their superiors at the British Ministry of India and Foreign Affairs in Lon-don, as well as letters from the elders and merchants of the region. Its con-tents contain insights into their con-ditions, their reactions, and their in-teractions with events and experienc-es, especially since some of them participated in these events or were eyewitnesses to them. Therefore, top-ics vary between the political, mili-tary, economic, social, and more. The documents in the volume are arranged in chronologicalhistorical order; it covers historical events and facts in the relevant period, the most important of which is the Ottoman campaign against Najd, the Ottoman military reinforcements in Al-Ahsa, Al-Qatif and Qatar, the repercussions of the conflict between Abdullah and Saud, the sons of Faisal bin Turki Al-Saud, and the position of the tribes in Al-Ahsa, Al-Qatif, Qatar and Bah-rain. What followed was a move from the Ottomans which affected the British position, most notably after Qatar raised the Ottoman flag.

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Historical Documents in Indian Archives