HBKU Press Releases Arabic Translation of Critically-acclaimed Book, The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar

HBKU Press Releases Arabic Translation of Critically-acclaimed Book, The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar

HBKU Press has just released the Arabic translation of the 2018 publication, The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar, marking the two-year anniversary of the 2017 blockade of Qatar by several Gulf countries. The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar features in-depth analyses by local scholars who explore several aspects of the blockade through first-hand accounts, while including details about the regional and global ramifications of the blockade in its first year

The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qataris one of HBKU Press’s many translations available in both English and Arabic. HBKU Press boasts a host of titles translated to and from over 14 languages, including English, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Malayalam, Greek, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Czechoslovakian, Persian, and Norwegian, in an effort to promote cross-cultural communication and understanding through their translated works.

“Translations, like this one, allow for HBKU Press to share the local narrative internationally by making them available in many languages which will likely reach a wider audience.” 

explains Rima Ismail, Outreach and Special Projects Manager at HBKU Press. “Having The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar available in both Arabic and English is paramount as this book is an essential resource marking a monumental time in Qatar’s history. 

“The book is exhaustive in its examination of the first year of the blockade from a political, social, and international regard and having it available in both Arabic and English will allow for more people to access the invaluable overview of the blockade from Qatar’s perspective.”

Dr. Rory Miller, Professor of Government at Georgetown University in Qatar (PhD) 

and editor of the English language version, also acknowledges the importance of having the book available in both languages as what was once thought to be a short-term blockade has now passed the two-year mark with little indication of a resolution in sight.

“Since its initial publication in English, this book has gained a wide audience and has led the way in providing analysis on the blockade at the cross-section of policy and academia,” says Dr. Miller. “An Arabic version of the The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qataris a timely acknowledgement of the subject's ongoing relevance to society in Qatar and the wider Arab world. The hope is that it will provide a new audience with a variety of opinions and analysis on what is in many ways a defining event in the contemporary Gulf.”

The topics explored inThe Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatarcover a wide scope of issues that have direct relevance to post-blockade life and politics; from energy, food and cyber security, to the role of the media in the blockade and its overall impact on domestic and international affairs.

The English language book has garnered a great deal of attention regionally but has also enjoyed international acclaim. It was recently named a double finalist in the 2019 International Book Awards in the categories of Multicultural Non-Fiction and Social Change. 

The Arabic translation of The Gulf Crisis: The View from Qatar as well as the English language version are available to purchase in bookstores in Qatar and on Amazon Kindle.