HBKU Press Participates in Doha International Book Fair with Largest Catalog to Date

HBKU Press Participates in Doha International Book Fair with Largest Catalog to Date

Doha, May 9, 2024 – Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) will offer its entire catalog for sale to the public at this year’s Doha International Book Fair. Taking place from May 9-18, the publishing house will also offer readers opportunities to engage with their favorite authors during book signing sessions and scheduled meet-and-greets.

“The Doha International Book Fair stands as one of the largest and most significant events that HBKU Press participates in, and it is one that we eagerly anticipate year after year,” says Bachar Chebaro, Executive Director, HBKU Press. “The fair is an integral opportunity for us to connect with readers in real time and engage with the local literary community. We are honored to be sharing the fairground with some of the largest publishers in the world, and are particularly looking forward to introducing all attendees  to new Qatari and Arab authors and works.”

The HBKU Press catalog has expanded impressively across all categories, upholding its reputation for catering to all interests and reading needs. Quality literature abounds across children’s, young adult, and adult reading levels, fostering dynamic learning experiences for readers of all ages. HBKU Press will similarly offer a well-balanced selection of original and translated works. A diversity of  Arab and Qatari voices offer unique contributions and stories, while translated books enrich the HBKU Press catalog with popular favorites from around the world. Translated works at the children’s, young adult, and adult level ensure that local readers benefit from a literary cultural exchange which exposes them to critical contributions in literature from around the world. Whether this includes time-honored fairytales or contemporary classics, HBKU Press curates a diverse selection for a global readership.

New releases from the publisher include brightly illustrated children’s books, featuring valuable life lessons wrapped in entertaining stories and engaging lessons. Qatari author Muneera Al-Romaihi is a prolific writer with an impressive collection of titles at HBKU Press, and her newest is an Arabic language book out just in time for the fair. “The Brave Princess and the Dragon” delivers a timely tale about a princess who ventures off into the forest, where a dangerous dragon is fabled to be living. She decides to face her fears for the good of her kingdom and learns that sometimes, fears are bigger in our heads than in reality! Adding to the princess collection is “The Princess of Goodness” by Amani Albanna, making this her debut publication. Beautifully illustrated with a profound message to match, this story wonderfully captivates young readers with an exciting journey of discovery. Readers will be entertained and enchanted by this book, which imparts invaluable lessons about compassion, kindness, charity, and the importance of helping those in need.

HBKU Press is renowned for producing children’s books which seamlessly blend exceptional educational value within captivating stories and adventures. “My Grandmother’s Glasses” by Andalous Ibrahim demonstrates this sentiment perfectly through this new release which sees innovation from Islamic scholars through a whole new perspective! Young readers are introduced to the fascinating world of Muslim scholars’ contributions, including the life-changing invention of glasses and other groundbreaking discoveries.

HBKU Press not only offers a dynamic range of original children's books, but extends its reach to young readers in both Arabic and English through high-quality translations. The beloved “Swish” series by award-winning author Matthias Krug makes its debut to the Arabic language world, with the wildly popular “Swish’s Winning Smile” now available in Arabic for the first time ever.

The exciting young adult genre is well-loved around the world for good reason, and HBKU Press does not fail to deliver on award-winning adventures filled with fantasy and fun. “Wielding Magic” by Qatari author Kummam Al-Maadeed is the sequel to the critically acclaimed “Calling Magic,” and promises more inspiration and wonder from the vast world of Tia. Notably, “Wielding Magic” was awarded the Gold Medal at the 2023 Moonbeam Awards, while also being recognized as a finalist in the American Fiction Awards 2023.

In addition to page-turning fantasy, HBKU Press is venturing further into YA novel territory, where delightful illustrations accompany conventional text. “Shaheen and the Blue Stone Galaxy” by Qatari author Shamma Al-Kuwari is a special addition to the HBKU Press catalog, and gives sci-fi lovers a new reading companion this summer as Shaheen jets off into space with strange alien visitors!

Finally, HBKU Press brings advanced readers the best in academia and fiction, presenting a wide range of options for scholars and leisure readers alike. “The Centrality of Middle Class” by Qatari author and professor Dr. Khalid Al-Jufairi will be available at the fair for the first time in Arabic. Originally written and published in English, this is a translated academic text which explores the socioeconomic role of the middle-income group in larger society, and the subsequent importance of having a robust middle class.

“Making its Mark: Art Therapy in the Arabian Peninsula” is collected and edited by psychotherapist Sara Powell. Having grown up in the Arabian Gulf, Powell explores the practice of art therapy as a mode of healing in the region. Informative and educational with local case studies, this book is a fantastic addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in the mental health profession or expressive therapy.

HBKU Press is no stranger to fiction. “Count d’Orgel’s Ball '' by writer and poet Raymond Radiguet is a French classic fiction novel which takes place in 1920s Paris. Thrilling and suspenseful, this novel explores themes of humanity within the expectations of high society. “Mister Flow '' by internationally renowned author Gaston Leroux also joins the many new additions to the fiction genre at HBKU Press. Literary thrill seekers are invited to dive into the intricate world of this mystery novel, where masterful storytelling intertwines seamlessly with sophisticated prose. Brought to readers by the author of the wildly popular “Phantom of the Opera,” this  French novel presents Leroux’s signature writing style to Arabic language readers at the Doha International Book Fair.


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