HBKU Press Publishes Newest Addition to Simply Said Series, What You Should Know About Cybersecurity

HBKU Press Publishes Newest Addition to Simply Said Series, What You Should Know About Cybersecurity

HBKU Press has launched its newest addition to the Simply Said book series, What You Should Know About Cybersecurity by Dr. Mohammed Al-Dorani. The series calls upon leading expert authorities to provide accessible explanations on typically complex but critical subjects concerning everyday issues. The series aims to provide input on topics which may seem daunting to the general reader, demystifying the theme of discussion to inform the reader with clear and concise understanding

“HBKU Press started the Simply Said series to break down challenging problems and cater to readers who are routinely affected by various phenomena that can be difficult to decipher without technical training,” said Bachar Chebaro, Executive Director of HBKU Press. “This series is part of our ongoing mission to educate our readers in ways that are well-informed and approachable.”

What You Should Know About Cybersecurity tackles the most pressing issue of cybersecurity and its development in today’s rapidly digitizing era. As communication, business, banking, and daily lives become increasingly more reliant on online use, cyberattacks and the consequent need for more comprehensive cybersecurity measures are similarly on the rise. Dr. Mohammed Al-Dorani seeks to equip the novice reader with a basic yet thorough and crucial understanding of cybersecurity and how to best ensure optimal digital health. “The aim of having this book published is to shed light on the danger and importance of cybercrime and cyber-attacks that have been causing so much concern and damage to individuals, corporations and countries. I hope this book can add to the education and awareness of readers,” Dr. Al-Dorani said.

Dr. Al-Dorani is a key player in the development and understanding of the cybersecurity field in Qatar. Dr. Al-Dorani earned his MBA from the University of San Francisco before completing his post-graduate research at the esteemed Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He then went on to achieve a PhD in Information Systems and Telecommunications from George Washington University. He has overseen the first bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity at the Community College of Qatar by developing and teaching his course “Hacking and Counter Measures and Cyber Crime.”

“I have dedicated the past six years in my capacity as an expert on the subject to spread knowledge and stress the importance of cybersecurity to students, in addition to consulting various clients in the private and public sectors, Dr. Al-Dorani shares. “I am proud of my achievements so far, having published three books over the past five years and helping over 100 talented Qatari male and female students graduate with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. This goal was stated in my first book along with others within the roadmap for my country regarding cybersecurity.”

The book, which is written in clear and concise prose, starts with an in-depth glossary of relevant terms in the cybersecurity field in order to acquaint the reader with the technical jargon to be employed throughout the book. Dr. Al-Dorani continues to discuss each of these themes in detail, breaking down the normally overwhelming topic down into clearly organized and insightful chapters. Each chapter explores a theme most casual readers are already familiar with, including password security, a universal Internet practice for all users.

Dr. Al-Dorani devotes an entire chapter to the importance of robust password security measures and urges readers to take advantage of two-factor authentication features and to avoid bad password habits that could potentially leave personal accounts vulnerable to cyberattacks. He continues to delve into a variety of case studies to explore these vulnerabilities further, which affect not only personal users, but larger companies, organizations, and entities which house sensitive data and information that could potentially be exploited in various ways.

“We read and hear all types of cybercrimes committed by criminals locally or internationally over the internet. The techniques and ways they used to infiltrate our digital devices are becoming sophisticated and difficult to protect, especially from advanced persistent hackers. Therefore the book explains what the countermeasures and basic minimum protections are that one can undertake to maintain infection-free digital devices, especially with the widespread use of social media applications,” said Dr. Al-Dorani.

What You Should Know About Cybersecurity is a must- read for anyone who uses the Internet; it not only equips the reader with a greater understanding of how to navigate the digital world safely, but also provides practical tips and instruction for how to better protect personal data and avoid common cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.