HBKU Press Marks New School Year with Back to School Titles for Children

HBKU Press Marks New School Year with Back to School Titles for Children

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) welcomes the start of a new academic year by offering books which help children and younger readers maintain and progress their literacy levels. The publishing house presents a wide range of engaging books for all ages and reading levels, and is using this last period of summer holidays as an opportunity to support returning students in their preparations for a fresh new year of learning. 

“HBKU Press is an avid supporter of quality literature and education,” said Rima Ismail, Manager of Outreach and Special Projects at HBKU Press. “Our publications facilitate learning endeavors not just through books which passively bolster critical reading abilities, but also contribute to the overall holistic development of hard skills such as writing and building effective learning habits.” 

Learn the Art of Writing Stories by Anna Gallan is one such book which guides young readers and aspiring authors through the writing process in a step-by-step, action-driven guide. From the advice of professional writers, this book teaches how to develop characters,  prepare dialogue, form a plot, and devise a compelling conclusion. This is all encompassed within a larger story about a blue fox named Tahi and his adventures in the forest with  his animal friends . Readers and practicing writers can revisit this book again and again, using the guide to come up with endless variations and infinite possibilities.

Back to school comes with the reintroduction of the academic week, and younger students may need additional assistance integrating into a new routine. My Favorite Day by Muneera Al-Romaihi helps children learn about all the different days of the week, their names and  functions, helping them differentiate between school days and weekends. Each day has its own unique feature, and this book acts as an accessible and fun learning tool that helps young readers discover their favorite one. By the end of the book, students are sure to have a favorite day to look forward to, and be ready to face an exciting new routine!

Inquisitive young learners are encouraged to spark their curiosity ahead of the new academic year, and HBKU Press has just the series to remind readers of how fun learning is. The What, When, Why, and How series is a collection with each series title including four books of puzzles, games, and fun! Bright illustrations and brain teasers serve as a great reference for kids who find themselves asking all kinds of wonderful and thoughtful questions. This series informs as well as delights, and provides ample opportunity for readers to indulge in creative curiosity.

The Story You’re the Author of by Valerie Fontaine offers a new kind of story, crafted through an innovative formula in which the reader is also the writer. The book introduces Adam, who sets off on a grand adventure when he loses his ball. The reader is presented with options to guide Adam, choosing a course of events that have him meeting robots - or maybe rabbits? It’s up to you to decide, and different combinations of decisions result in a variety of outcomes, giving the reader a unique opportunity to read the same story for the first time again and again!