HBKU Press Hosts a Free Public Workshop titled Introduction to Research and Academic Writing Skills

HBKU Press Hosts a Free Public Workshop titled Introduction to Research and Academic Writing Skills

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) hosted a webinar titled Introduction to Research and Academic Writing Skills, led by Dr. Rima J. Isaifan, the Head of Academic and Journals Publishing at HBKU Press, that explored how to master writing techniques for research, academic and scholarly publications

The initiative targeted inexperienced and first-time scholarly authors and researchers in Qatar in an effort to further support their endeavours to contribute to the global exchange of information and the dissemination of their work in the community and beyond.

HBKU Press is committed to the development of the academic and research landscapes in the local and regional community,” explains Bachar Chebaro, Executive Director of Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press. “This webinar ensured that local researchers have the knowledge and skills they need to get their work published in academic journals in Qatar and around the world.”

This introductory webinar outlined best practices used when writing for the niche market of scholarly communications and explored a range of writing styles. Participants learned how to organize their work for different types of scholarly publications, paraphrase and cite sources ethically, and were also introduced to the basics of referencing, and ways to target the right journals for submission. Additionally, the session highlighted ways to address a reviewer’s comments and incorporate changes in manuscripts that need to be resubmitted for acceptance.  

“Whether an event is successful is based on the participants’ engagement and if they gain any practical and valuable knowledge from the session,” explained Dr. Isaifan. “While it’s difficult to gauge in virtual formats, overall, the participants were keen and asked insightful questions. Many expressed that they learned new skills that they can apply to their own work which is a key indicator that this webinar will ultimately support solid research output from the region.”

The series of webinars hosted by HBKU Press will continue throughout the year. For more information, follow their Facebook page (facebook.com/hbkupress) or Twitter and Instagram (@hbkupress) for daily updates.