HBKU Press Celebrates Holy Month of Ramadan with Titles Reflecting Charity and Community

HBKU Press Celebrates Holy Month of Ramadan with Titles Reflecting Charity and Community

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) hopes to help establish the Ramadan period as one of learning, self-reflection, and personal development through literacy and reading. HBKU Press is honored to maintain its role in the facilitation of learning with all readers as it introduces comprehensive new children and adult catalogues, with titles that vary across a diverse range of languages and categories to be as inclusive as possible

Community care and development is an integral pillar to Ramadan, and learning about the importance of one’s duty to those around them only results in a better environment for all. As well as observing laws to maintain order, this also includes being mindful of unwritten social norms to preserve peace. Through extensive field observation and academic literature review, Hala Al-Saeed discusses it all in her book, Social Responsibility and its Role in Developing and Achieving Stability in Societies. Generosity and giving also have a tremendous positive impact on society as well as the individuals who give and receive. Asma Al-Dosari examines the concept of charity and its effects on the spiritual soul through the Holy Qur’an and teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in her book, A Refreshed Soul.

It is imperative that society continues to develop in a way which is inclusive and considerate of all. Islam and Disability by Mohammed Ghaly explores the intersection of Islamic theology and disability, and discusses a number of bioethical questions as they pertain to medical anthropology and the dignified inclusion of people with disabilities in society. In addition, the intersection of Islam and modern psychology may also be of interest to academic readers. The Psychology of Religion by Dr. Ali Koush and Dr. Ali Ayten delves into conversations about psychology and religious beliefs, the definition of Islamic psychology, and views of ancient Muslim psychologists.

The Islamic faith has a deep and rich history spanning centuries of worship and HBKU Press is keen to enable its readers to learn about the contemporary experiences of the Hajj pilgrimage and how it continues to relate to ancient practices through the retelling of first-hand accounts. Qataris from different generations share their experiences on the journey of Hajj in Mohamed Hammam Fikry’s book, The Hajj from Qatar’s Past: A Collection of Memories.

HBKU Press offers several educational and thought-provoking books to help children improve their reading abilities as well as grow into responsible, conscious members of their communities. While it can sometimes be easy to get swept up in the excitement of various occasions and festivities, it is important to remain mindful of consumption and avoid generating excessive waste. HBKU Press is excited to debut a host of new titles, including Layan’s Party by Basma Elkhatib. This beautifully illustrated story has been written in Arabic and is also now available in English.

Kindness, community, and forgiveness are all integral to the holy month of Ramadan, and HBKU Press is proud to help instill these critical values in younger readers by publishing standalone books as well as series such as The Citizenship Series by Cassie Mayer. This colorfully illustrated series helps children understand important character values such as responsibility, fairness, and being supportive of others. Another bright, international award-winning title in HBKU’s catalogue is Kindness Makes Us Strong by Sophie Beer. The book teaches children that kindness in all situations is the cornerstone of friendship and community.

However, there may be times when people choose to be unkind. In instances such as these, forgiveness can be difficult. Author Shaikha Al Zayara introduces readers to a hardworking farmer named Khalil, who one day sees his crops burn at the hands of other jealous farmers. Instead of staying angry, Khalil chooses to rebuild, and to forgive. Her book The Farmer Who Saved the Village is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about forgiveness, and the peace it brings.

Many take this holy month as an opportunity to engage in charity and contribute to the development of their own communities. Author Ameera Al-Naemi sheds light on the importance of charity near and far with her story of young Ibraheem, a boy who begins by wishing that his mother would stay home with him instead of traveling to far-off lands to help others in need. Her award-winner The Firefly is a delightfully illustrated story for younger readers. Extending the home to others is also a wonderful act of charity, as seen in one of HBKU Press’s newest titles My Perfect Home. When Nona the snail’s shell house breaks just ahead of winter, she has no choice but to turn to her friend and ask for help. This book is a heartwarming story of friendship and helping guests feel welcome at home as we all open our doors to each other this Ramadan season.