HBKU Press Recognizes Parents Everywhere This Summer Season

Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press) is pleased to take this opportunity to applaud parents for their critical efforts and commitments within their respective communities. Earlier this month was the Global Day of Parents, an event commemorated annually by the UN to celebrate the world’s parents and their invaluable contributions to children everywhere. HBKU Press recognizes the key role parents play in children’s lives and hopes to continue supporting families worldwide as a facilitator of literacy and learning


With the closure of the academic year comes the summer season, and with that ample opportunities for children and their parents to explore new hobbies, interests, and summer reading goals! We encourage parents to help students maintain reading levels over the holidays by introducing them to new genres, adventures, and story characters. This is My Family by Noor Al-Hanzab is an informative book about the diversity of family and teaches younger readers that not all families look alike, and they can come in all different shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure, though; no matter what a family looks like, or how big or small, a family will always be about the people who love us most. Child of my Heart by Muneera Al-Romaihi further explores the nuance of family dynamics by introducing the concept of adoption in this colorful, kid-friendly book. This book teaches younger readers about the different ways families can find each other, and helps them understand what it means to be adopted.

In her book A Night Without Internet, author Basma Elkhatib reminds us that family is also the perfect company to have – even when the electricity goes out. With no power or internet, siblings Noura and Youssef are stuck in the dark with their family and seemingly nothing to do. Take a chance to unplug and read on about how the pair make use of their wireless evening. This illustrated book is part of Elkhatib’s My Smart Family series and is available in both Arabic and English. An exciting new release to look out for this summer is another addition to the award-winning Swish the Shark series by Matthias Krug. Swish’s Mobile Dilemma takes us back into the deep blue sea to revisit Swish and read on as he tries to tackle his next big problem. It’s summer vacation, and while he can’t wait to get outside and play his favorite sport, all his friends would rather stay indoors with their screens instead. Will Swish be able to convince them to put down their devices and play a game of football for once? Read on to find out!

In addition to mothers and fathers, grandparents and extended community also often occupy an important and special place in a child’s life. Author Hala Abu Saad has published two beautiful stories with HBKU Press about connecting with the elderly. In Grandpa Adel Forgets His Way Home, she tells the story of a little girl named Angie and the increasingly forgetful Adel. Colorful and heartfelt, this illustrated book gently teaches children about the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and the importance of companionship and empathy for our elders. In Teta Mariam’s Barley Soup, Angie and her friends visit her grandmother, Mariam. During their visit, Teta Mariam tells them wonderful stories and nostalgically talks to them about her own past. To try and cheer her up, Angie suggests that Teta Mariam prepare her famous barley soup for a big upcoming party. Do they succeed in lifting her spirits? Find out in another heartwarming tale of family and inclusion.