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In the Hope of Virgins (Arabic)

In the Hope of Virgins (Arabic)
In the Hope of Virgins (Arabic)

by:Jamal Naji,
ISBN: 9789927118074
Format: Paperback
Published: 23/04/15

Amidst the violence rippling across the Middle East, a wealthy businessman is visited by an oracle and is given news that shakes the very foundations of his existence.  


Meanwhile, a 20-year-old young man fighting with the Islamic faction against the Syrian regime discovers an unsettling truth. Torn apart by feelings of shame and betrayal, he sets himself on a course headed towards revenge and self-destruction. So begins a journey that takes readers across a region overtaken by sectarian and religious strife, as two men - at different stages of their lives - embark on their ill-begotten, unholy missions.

With nuance and precision, Naji captures the characters and landscape of a post-Arab Spring Middle East, taking readers from Jordan to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and even India.  With surprising twists and turns, Mawsim al-Houriyyat is an exploration of a region that is being rocked by violence, the radicalization of Muslim youth, and growing desperation.

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