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QScience Review
QScience Review

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Published: January 2014

About the book

The research scene in Qatar is a unique display of ambition, well-managed resources and globe-spanning collaborations. Ultra-modern laboratories, meticulously-refined strategies and rapid changes to the physical landscape around Doha show that this part of the world, which was once an epicenter of research and discovery, is now poised to reclaim its status.

Over the past decade, manpower and resources within Qatar have been increasingly focused on the vision of becoming a key player in the Middle East’s research renaissance. As local scientists join forces with world-class institutions, Qatar-based projects are leading the way in countless sectors, and have already begun yielding results.

The country’s ambitious and pioneering atmosphere is apparent in the enthusiasm of investigators. They consistently speak of the support they’ve received and how inspired they are to partake in opportunities they once only dreamed of. Unusual levels of gratitude and dedication motivate their efforts as they align their talents with Qatar’s vision. It all leads to a sophisticated and inspired scene.

This publication is an effort to showcase just a fraction of this Qatar-based research. You will also find interviews that add personal dimensions to the progress described. The breadth of topics covered over the following pages offers a sense of the scope, intensity and practicality of the country’s research ambitions. While these efforts are aimed at national needs, findings coming out of Qatar promise to positively impact the world at large.

We hope you will enjoy this exciting glimpse of Qatar’s emerging research landscape. 

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About the author

Emily Alp has been working in the field of science and investigative journalism for over a decade. She has a uniquely broad insight into Qatar's research environment, having worked for Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals, and Northwestern University in Qatar. 

Table of Contents

A millennium of science as we know it - Bradley Steffens

Islamic moderation and renewal - Muhammed Khalifa

Alternative energy in the Gulf - Tyghe Trimble

Environmental law in the land of oil and gas - Jon Truby

Qatari homes: Symbols of heritage, modernity and female empowerment - Nadia El-Awady

Designing sustainable solutions - Faisal Alsuwaidi

Cartographers of the air - Frank Swain

Qatar embraces the art and science of truffle farming - Alok Jha

Young, single, professional robot - Hala

Targetting public health issues in a booming desert nation - Andrew Holz

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Copyright 2014 (The Authors)

This title is published as an open access book under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY-3.0) 


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