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COP 18. Coverage from QScience.com

COP 18. Coverage from QScience.com
COP 18. Coverage from QScience.com

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Format: ibook
Published: September 2013

About this book

The situation we face as a human race is at once dire and perplexing. Climate change's sheer complexity - socially, technically, developmentally, environmentally, politically - certainly invites malaise, and yet more and more people are unwilling and unable to turn their face from impending circumstances. Still, their numbers are not climbing fast enough.

One of the major blockades to collective action related to climate change is the lack of accessible media that delves into the issues. Acronyms, political jargon and dry, lifeless coverage so far dissuades even the most open of individuals. People simply don't have the time to decode what is happening. And few have traveled to the extent that they relate to what is happening. 

This book is a recap of attendance of high-level meetings and side events at COP18. It is an effort to present the meeting and its basis in a way that is at once accessible and engaging. While it barely scratches the surface, it promises to give the reader a sense of where we are now, in terms of action plans; where we need to be, in terms of natural time lines; the challenges and potential consequences we face.

At the end of each section is a list of scientific publications related directly to the issues at hand at COP18. 

Download the full text of this book for free from the Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Academic platform QScience.com.

About the author

Emily Alp has been working in the field of science and investigative journalism for a decade. Her international development studies in Kenya (research focus on environmental education) and biodiversity field experience in Costa Rica (preliminary research focus on epiphytic fern growth) prepared her to fully engage with the topics at hand during COP18. Recognizing the lack of technical coverage geared toward a general audience, Alp attended as many modules as possible over the two weeks and posted them on a daily basis in the QScience Blog. From these entries, this book was born.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding climate change and COP

Chapter 2: COP18 in Qatar - local implications

Chapter 3: Qatar-based climate change research

Chapter 4: Food security

Chapter 5: Religion and ethics

Chapter 6: Forests: natural carbon sinks

Chapter 7: Natural gas and carbon capture

Chapter 8: Renewable energy strategies

Chapter 9: Technology transfer

Chapter 10: The next generation

Chapter 11: The science of urgency

Copyright info

Copyright 2013 Emily Alp

This title is published as an open access book under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY-3.0) 


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