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Atlas al-Juzur al-Naa'iyah (Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln/Atlas of Remote Islands)

Atlas al-Juzur al-Naa'iyah (Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln/Atlas of Remote Islands)
Atlas al-Juzur al-Naa'iyah (Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln/Atlas of Remote Islands)

ISBN: 9992195533
Published: 20130425

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An utterly exquisite object: a Wunderkammer and bestiary.
A fascinating volume on a unique subject.
A gorgeous book that combines lyrical storytelling and whimsical mapmaking.
An extraordinary and excellent book.
Charming, spooky and splendid!
Atlas of Remote Islands is a celebration of what can still be accomplished with imagination, paper and ink. Holding it, you feel as if you've stolen the composition book that dreamy girl in the back row of your high school English class is always scribbling into. You page through it and think: Oh my God. She's a genius.
Tenderly tracing one finger over the maps, we lose ourselves in the beauty of filigree lines, points and letters. We smell the sea, hear the surf breaking, see icebergs and rocks and under our feet feel fine sand. Anyone who opens this, the most enchanting book of the autumn, is likely to get as lost as Robinson Crusoe for a while.
An armchair traveler's delight!
An intricately designed masterpiece that will delight map lovers everywhere, and proves that some of the most memorable journeys can be taken by armchair travellers.
Born in 1980, Judith Schalansky studied art history and communication design. She lives and works in Berlin as a freelance writer, and teaches typography in Potsdam. In 2006 she published her typography book Fraktur mon amour, which won a number of design prizes. In 2008 she published her first novel, Blau steht dir nicht (Blue doesn't suit you), and in 2009, she spent a three-month artist's residency at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles. Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln was published in 2009. A pocket format of the Atlas was published in 2011.
Red Dot Design Award winner in the category communication design 2011
Winner of the Silver Design Award 2010, Germany, for communication design
First-prize winner of, 'The most beautiful German books 2009', Buchkunst Foundation
Translated into 11 languages

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