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by: Abdul Aziz Al Mahmoud,
Published: 20130219

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A fine talent in the world of novel writing... Al Qursan succeeds in taking us back to the past... and herein lies the value and importance of the novel
Abdul Aziz Al Mahmoud exquisitely relates an era of Gulf history in an outstanding and creative historical novel
...the author has brilliantly established a dramatic structure with great political awareness and an excellent historical mind without being spoiled by the intrusion of the narrator
Engaging and entertaining
This is a remarkable debut novel and one that captures the spirit of an age with delicate mastery and great skills
Abdul Aziz Al Mahmoud's Al Qursan reminded me of Yousef Zedan's Azazeel, which won the International Prize for Arabic Fiction in 2009... I believe that Al Qursan should be awarded the same prize
(Al Qursan is a) formal and systematic analysis of the past by means of a narrative arc that is rich in characters and events as well as documents... all composed in a dramatic formula with rich vocabulary, an abundance of images and a wealth of meaning
The debut novel by Qatari writer Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud, this work of historical fiction brings to life nineteenth-century corsair Erhama bin Jaber, and depicts the conflicting interests and human drama of Britain's fight against piracy and Wahabbism in the Gulf
Abdulaziz Al-Mahmoud is a Qatari engineer and journalist. He has a BA in engineering from Clarkson University in New York and an aviation and engineering diploma from the UK. He worked as editor-in-chief of Alsharq and The Peninsula newspapers as well as www.aljazeera.net. This is his first novel.
An engaging novel about a key moment in the history of the Arabian Peninsula and in Britain's expanding role in trade and politics in the Gulf
Will appeal to readers of historical fiction
Available in both English and Arabic
The story of Erhama bin Jaber, a historical character feared and hunted as a brigand by the British in the nineteenth century, but remembered in the Gulf as a folk hero
The first novel by a Qatari writer from Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing

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