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Tweets From Tahrir

Tweets From Tahrir
Tweets From Tahrir

Published: 20110620

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Egypt's revolution as it unfolded, in the words of the people who led it
A feat of nearly real-time publishing
Deeply moving, a record of great courage, mostly by young people, facing Mubarak's legion of goons and regime thugs
My favorite bit is Hosni Mubarak has tweets in this book... I don't think it's really him
A compelling and unique story of the popular uprising that rid Egypt of a three-decade-old dictatorship in just eighteen days
Egypt's revolution as it unfolded, in the words of the people who led it
Alex Nunns is a writer, campaigner and musician from London. He is the political correspondent for Red Pepper magazine, and campaigns against the privatisation of the National Health Service in England.

British-Egyptian writer Nadia Idle grew up in Egypt and now lives in London. She works at War on Want.
The untold, uncensored story of the Egyptian revolution without media or political manipulation
Immediate and unique coverage of the Egyptian revolution as it happened

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