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Taxi (English edition)

Taxi (English edition)

by: Khaled Al Khamissi,
Published: 20110905

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A best-selling modern masterpiece set in the author's home country of Egypt.
The novel that predicted the uprising
A book to make you feel guilty you ever tried to bargain down a cab fare in any poor country
Dipped in and out of...this democratic cacophony transforms into a fresh and fast crash course not just in the backdrop to the Arab spring, but in all aspects of contemporary North African culture and people, from ever-present convenience foods to extreme hunger, and from economic migrants to avantgarde artists. We are all the richer for it.
Prior to Egypt's revolution, Taxi would have told you more than a thousand Twitter feeds about what was coming down the road beside the Nile.
Illustrates the revolution
A best-selling modern masterpiece set in the author's home country of Egypt.
Novelist, TV producer and former publisher, Khaled AlKhamissi graduated in Political Science from the Sorbonne in Paris. He lives in Cairo. Taxi is his first novel.
A behind-the-scenes look at the tensions of daily life in Mubarak's Cairo A contemporary Arab world best-seller A rich, funny 'crash course' in the social background to the Arab Spring
A contemporary Arab world best-seller
Credited with single-handedly reviving an interest in reading in Egypt

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