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Utopia (Arabic)

Utopia (Arabic)
Utopia (Arabic)

by:Ahmed Khaled Towfik,
ISBN: 9992142391
Published: 20101115

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A grim futuristic account of Egyptian society in the year 2023
A wonderful novel, a real addition to Arab literature
'A disturbing dystopic vision,' -
...a highly imaginative novel that has succeeded in injecting new blood into
the current [Arabic] literary scene'
Far more convincing a depiction of a nightmarish future even than A
Clockwork Orange, Utopia is a miniature masterpiece. I defy anyone not to
read it in one sitting'
A grim futuristic account of Egyptian society in the year 2023
Ahmed Khaled Towfik was born in 1962 and is the Arab world's most prominent bestselling author of fantasy and horror genres. A medical professor at Egypt's Tanta University, he has written and translated over 200 books.
This Egyptian bestseller has reprinted three times since its release in 2008.
The tensions of Mubarak's Egypt exposed by a master of horror
A gripping and visionary novel by a bestselling Arab author

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