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Arwah’ Kilimanjaro

Wa Raddadat Al-Jibal Al-Sada
Wa Raddadat Al-Jibal Al-Sada

by: Khaled Hosseini,
ISBN: 9789927101908
Format: Paperback
Published: 5 November 2015


Afghanistan, 1952. Abdullah and his sister, Pari, live with their father and stepmother in the small village of Shadbagh. Their father is constantly in search of work and they struggle together through poverty and brutal winters. To Abdullah, Pari - as beautiful and sweet-natured as the fairy for which she was named - is everything. More like a parent than a brother, Abdullah will do anything for her, even trading his only pair of shoes for a feather for her treasured collection.


One day the siblings journey across the desert to Kabul with their father. Pari and Abdullah have no sense of the fate that awaits them there. The event that unfolds will tear their lives apart; sometimes a finger must be cut to save the hand.


Crossing generations and continents, moving from Kabul, to Paris, to San Francisco, to the Greek island of Tinos, with profound wisdom, depth, insight and compassion, Khaled Hosseini writes about the bonds that define us and shape our lives, the ways in which we help our loved ones in need, how the choices we make resonate through history and how we are often surprised by the people closest to us.


Arwah’ Kilimanjaro
Arwah’ Kilimanjaro

by:Ibrahim Nasrallah,
ISBN: 9789927118401
Format: Paperback
Published: 24 September 2015

A group of disparate individuals find themselves together, each on a personal mission to summit Kilimanjaro. Hailing from Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and America, the characters test the limits of their physical and emotional strength to prove to themselves and others that they can transcend their strife-ridden histories and start a new, unburdened life. Arwah’ Kilimanjaro(Kilimanjaro Spirits) tackles the intertwined stories of this bevy of seemingly antagonistic characters and, in the process, testifies to the vitality of the human spirit. The novel, written by one of the bestselling authors of the Arab World, was inspired by real-life events when Ibrahim Nasrallah succeeded in summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2014 with a group of volunteers and two Palestinian adolescents who had lost their legs. Echoing Hemingway’s Under Kilimanjaro, Nasrallah’s work juxtaposes the horrific experiences of its main Palestinian characters, who have lost limbs in an Israeli bombing, with the sombre stories of its characters from other nationalities.

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