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We believe this is an ideal model for online publishing as all papers based on correct methods and valid findings will be afforded a home in a peer-reviewed journal. This includes interdisciplinary work that traditionally may have fallen between the aims and scopes of two journals.

As research across the world continues to grow and the output of academic papers is rising steeply, there is a fundamental resource problem as each paper requires two or three reviewers to determine if the work should be published. We aim to decrease the burden on peer reviewers, by making our requests to them as simple as possible. We simply ask them to determine if the work presented has been carried out in an appropriate way and that the results, positive or negative, are clear and accessible. This significantly decreases the time it takes to review an article.

To ensure transparency and to emphasize the fact that each article has been peer reviewed for validity and rigor, we ask that reviewers give up their anonymity for accepted manuscripts. Their names and credentials, along with that of the handling editor, will appear on a 'Certificate of Acceptance' associated with each published article.

Each article will also have a permanent, citeable link via a unique DOI. We positively encourage authors to make the most of the online environment and welcome submissions that may primarily consist of video or audio. Supplementary files can accompany text files too, and we look forward to authors using this facility to publish datasets reported in the main manuscript.

QScience Connect is published under an open access model, assigning Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 licenses to all works, meaning the author retains copyright on their work. To read more on open access publishing and how it is funded, see the QScience.com FAQ page. There is an article processing charge for QScience Connect of US$995. If an author cannot arrange for payment, we may offer discretionary waivers, and submitting authors from certain countries will receive automatic 100 percent waivers.

Our peer review policy is that each manuscript will be sent to a handling editor. That editor will then ensure that two peers review the article for validity and rigor as described earlier. The handling editor will then recommend that the article be accepted, revised or rejected. When accepted, we will publish the handling editor's name within the manuscript. Initially our handling editors will be recommended by the international advisory board. We will, however, update the list of handling editors who work for the journal on a quarterly basis.

As with all QScience.com journals, QScience Connect will translate the abstract of all accepted manuscripts into Arabic and make your work available via our mobile platform, QScience Mobile.

ISSN: 2223-506X.

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