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Engineering Education Letters

Engineering Education Letters
Engineering Education Letters


Engineering Education Letters is intended to provide an international forum for dialogue and interaction among engineering education researchers and practitioners. This journal is also intended to promote and increase communication and exchange among engineering education institutions and communities around the world.

The main aim of the journal is to highlight the role of economic, cultural and social factors in engineering education, while providing a forum in which academicians and researchers in engineering schools, institutions and industry can share their success stories and challenges facing the advancement of engineering education. One of the main areas this journal will focus on is highlighting engineering education models that contribute to the establishment of engineering education courses and/or models needed to produce highly-skilled engineers to support the economy of the Middle East, developing nations, and the world. 

Engineering Education Letters is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed, open access journal. The journal publishes the results of research conducted in engineering education with regard to pedagogy, the use of new and innovative teaching methods and the impact of digital technologies in improving classroom instruction. The journal also welcomes position papers, review articles, reports on best teaching practices, case studies.

In addition to two regular issues, from time-to-time the journal publishes special issues on specific topics under the guest editorship of an internationally-recognized engineering education researcher or practitioner.


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